Shoot The Wad Bar Stool


DIMENSIONS: 30″ X 15″ X 15″

The first time I was gambling with Elly I was playing Roulette but I wanted to play craps. I gave her a bunch of my money and told her not to give it to me even if I came back crying. I walked up to the table and had a premonition that I would win so I decided to bet the wad on the first roll and lost it all. Going back to Elly after only a few minutes she said “Forget it. If you can loose a roll of hundreds that quick and not even know how much it was then I’m taking this money and going shopping.” Elly is the sexy olive on the lip of the martini glass holding the wad of cash I told her not to give me.


Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 7 × 26 in