Released September 2011

Perhaps the greatest painter but assuredly one of the greatest minds of all time was Leonard Da Vinci. I have always been fascinated by Da Vinci, because his interests expanded far beyond just painting. He was an inventor, a scientist, and a great mystery. In my homage to Da Vinci, I included many elements that are similar to his legend. Of course there is his self-portrait next to that my own self-portrait. He was fond of writing backwards which I also included just above my portrait. It is also rumored that he was also part of many secret societies such as the masons and the Illuminati. So included in the painting are several of these symbols hidden throughout. The more you look the more you will find. For those of you lucky enough to get a special edition of this painting there are additional hidden messages that can only be seen using a special Ultra Violet security led. Each canvas has its own unique message. So explore and enjoy one of the greatest geniuses’ of any olive that ever walked the earth.