Released January 2006

7 Heavenly Chards is an actual bottle of wine that is available from Lodi VineyardsChardonnay Justice- Balanced and true, resurgence of life brought anew. (Grape w/ Scale) ~Chardonnays Temperance- Patient and mild, riding the storms and taming the wilds. (Grape Taming Horse)~ Chardonnays Prudence- Cautious and wise, embracing the earth, arms to skies. (Grape holding earth)~ Chardonnays Faith- the intangible shield, Solid as stone, refusing to yield. (Grape W/ shield)~ _Chardonnays Endurance- The river within rising the flow, again and again. (Grape shooting up under Faith)~ Chardonnays Hope- A spark to ignite, an unquenchable flame, a beacon of light. (Grape W/ lantern)~ Chardonnays Love- Reigning supreme, uniting them in all in this heavenly dream. (Cupid Grape)~ 7 Heavenly Chards is the second piece in a three part series. The 1st piece, 7 Deadly Zins, is a sold out edition.